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Hole #9

Par 5

Handicap 1

Blue - 443 Yards

White - 390 Yards

Red - 170 Yards


This hole will knock you from first place to third place! We saved the hardest hole for last. 


You've finished 8 holes with a three stroke lead over your partners. You're feeling pretty good, right? Not so fast! Time for the equalizer. Get ready for a beast of a final hole. This hole prevents players from playing a slice off the tee with large mature trees on the left. That's followed by heavy rough and trees the length of the fairway. If that's not hard enough you will also find a creek that runs the length of the hole on the left side. Once you get through these hazards you are greeted by a pond that protects the front of the green. If you get through this hole on a single ball you should feel lucky. You're either going to leave this hole shaking your head or feeling like a champion.

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